Our Mission

Many Nassau County citizens are starting to recognize why balanced growth, that includes private capital investment in non-residential land uses and high-wage jobs, is essential to broadening and diversifying our tax base, protecting our quality of life and maintaining our relatively low residential property taxes.

However, a long-term commitment to job creation and balanced growth will also be vital to the county’s ability to make necessary investments in our schools, parks, transportation infrastructure and the many other demands placed upon local government from the dramatic residential growth we’ve already experienced.

In 2000, Nassau County’s population was about 58,000 people; whereas, roughly 83,000 people reside here today – that’s a 43 percent increase in the last 18 years! But, more than 70 percent of our working population leaves the county daily to work elsewhere.

As most residential developments consume more in government services than they return in taxes paid, while commercial and industrial development is just the opposite, our county’s fiscal stability will remain on uncertain footing until we address our jobs to housing imbalance.

Our Guiding Principles

While steps have been taken to get Nassau County on the right financial path, ‘Citizens for a Better Nassau County’ continues to support the following guiding principles to restore economic sustainability to the county:

  • Balanced growth that pays for itself, private capital investment in non-residential land uses, and high-wage, high-quality job creation that benefits the county as a whole;
  • A broader and more diverse tax base to decrease the county’s dependence on residential property taxes to fund all government services;
  • Regularly updated and equitable impact fee ordinances on all new construction to ensure impacts from new development, including parks, infrastructure and maintenance, pay for these impacts;
  • Accountable and sound land use and financial decision making by our county’s leaders, including smart debt policies that don’t solely burden current taxpayers by paying in cash for long-term capital investments that should be bonded at favorable interest rates over 30 years; and
  • Key investments in the county’s infrastructure and school system to maintain and enhance the overall quality of life in Nassau County.

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